Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Missed Call Service for Interacting with Customers

Missed Call Service by SMShopWorld

The Missed Call Solution is designed to give your customers an option to reach you quickly and in a cost-effective way. All they need to do is give a missed call on a dedicated number to receive a call back from companies for support. This service can also be used to get feedback from customers, asking them to give a missed call as a response. It is a great feature for businesses as they can create a database of customers and prospective leads based on their specific requirements to better target them in future campaigns. Our automated Missed Call Service gives you real-time notifications on receiving missed calls and generates analytics and reports to help you take the appropriate action.

Benefits Of Missed Call Service

Easy to Use

All customers need to do to get in touch with you is give a missed call, make it the most convenient service of all


Giving a missed call requires no expertise on the part of the customers

Higher Conversion Rates

The service helps you create a database of customers and leads who are genuinely interested in your products and services

Real-time Support

Businesses can immediately call back customers who need support to ensure timely service


Customers incur no costs when giving missed calls to companies, making it a more preferred option for them


Option to send auto-responses in the form of messages or pre-recorded calls

Use Cases


Give a missed call on a dedicated number to get updates such as balance or mini statements for bank accounts

Reality Shows

Entertainment and reality shows make use of this feature to collect votes for their contestants

Account Verifications
Get customers to give a missed call to verify their registered phone numbers
COD Payment Confirmations

Customers or delivery agents can confirm COD payments through missed calls


Ask customers to opt-in or opt-out from your marketing campaigns with a simple missed call


Ask customers to give missed calls to share their feedback

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