SMS via Distributed Ledger Technology

Fraud Mitigation with DLT Messaging

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a registration system based on blockchain, is now mandatory for sending out bulk messages. This digital system can prevent scams and track sender IDs and templates for easy management. Visit any operator portal and follow the instructions to register yourself in the DLT system. Enterprises are required to select their Registered Telemarketer (RTM) to perform functions on their behalf.

The DLT system can help build a trusted relationship between enterprises and their customers. The system has been introduced to keep unsolicited commercial communication in check, thus preventing SMS frauds and Smishing attacks targeted towards unsuspecting customers. It will also eliminate telemarketers that are not registered in the system. The initiative is intended to enhance the customer experience.

Guidelines for Enterprises Using DLT Messaging

  • Enterprises can select SMShop (an RTM) to communicate on their behalf.
  • Enterprises must take consumers’ consent via a mobile app, web, or SMS and add the details on the DLT platform.
  • The registration is compulsory for an entity/organization willing to communicate through messaging or voice gateways.
  • End users and telemarketers are also required to separately register on the DLT platforms.
  • Header Registration: All message types such as promotional, transactional. Service explicit and service implicit are registered. Each of these headers (sender IDs) gets a unique Header ID that is shared across DLT platforms. It is important to register all headers and templates on the platform.
  • Content Template Registration: All content templates must be registered on the system. Each template will receive a unique template ID that will be shared across all DLT platforms.

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