Automate SMS Delivery with API Messaging Solution

Bulk Messaging API for Sending and Receiving SMS

Integrate our A2P Messaging APIs into any application to instantly start sending and receiving messages from around the globe. Our enterprise-grade Messaging APIs come with advanced messaging features embedded into the platform and can be integrated with third-party applications and CRMs to fetch the existing data for your SMS campaigns. The programmable Bulk Messaging APIs can be used to schedule messages and send notifications, alerts, and reminders, as well as for two-way communication with your customers. Additionally, get delivery receipts, campaign results, reports, and much more for customizing your SMS campaign and improving your results.

Benefits Of Bulk SMS API

Support for Character Sets

Support for a wide range of languages, characters, emojis, and symbols

Queue Messages
Messaging queueing for sending several messages in a single API request
Delivery Reports

Real-time delivery notifications to gauge performance and delivery rates


Seamless concatenation of long messages into a single SMS across global networks

Media Support

Compatible with gifs, photos, videos, picture messages, etc.

Global Coverage

Send and receive messages from around the world

CRM Integration

sync, push or pull data from third-party applications

Detailed Reporting
View reports in granular and macro details for every campaign you run

Use Cases Of Bulk SMS API

Two-factor Authentication

Secure your login process with dynamic verification codes

Notifications and Alerts

Send automated time-sensitive notifications, alerts, and text reminders

SMS Marketing

Drive customer engagement with customized SMS and get feedback through surveys

SMS Auto Response

Send auto responses on receiving messages from your customers

Drive App Distribution

Send download or reference links through text messages

Bulk SMS Messages
Deploy our Bulk SMS API to broadcast messages to a large audience

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