Secured A2P SMS Gateway for sending OTPs

OTP Generators for Secured User Verifications

OTP or One Time Password Generators are widely used for authenticating online payments as well as verifying customer information. It is a reliable solution for preventing phishing and fortify data security while preventing unauthorized access to personal accounts and banking information. A secured OTP SMS gateway service provider ensures time-critical delivery of OTPs through SMS to the right customers. Apt for banks, financial institutions, e-commerce sites, social media websites, and many other service providers and businesses, our fully integrated SMS gateway for OTPs ensures instant delivery and complete security. This A2P SMS service can also be used for sending bulk messages for registrations, verifications, updates, and more.

Benefits of One Time Password Generator

Due to the need for precise delivery timing, SMS is the most common format for OTPs. However, there are more benefits than what we see on the surface.

Complete Security
We ensure utmost security while generating and sending OTPs without any involvement of a third-party application
Auto Filling
Our Solution also includes the provision for automatically filling the OTP field for hassle-free activations and payments
Easy to Deploy
Our service can easily integrate with your system without requiring any third-party involvement
Instant Delivery
We understand that OTPs are time-sensitive and thus assure instant delivery to help customers authenticate their transactions and accounts
Efficient Operation
Generate thousands of PINs with our OTP SMS Gateway at the same time and send them concurrently to users without lags
Customizable Solution
It comes with the option to customize the length and validity of the password as well as assigning tags for different instances

About Us

SMShopWorld is an easy-to-use, simple, and powerful Marketing solutions provider for businesses looking to market their brand and communicate with the customers globally. Our automated mobile services, SMS Messaging Solutions and Voice Marketing Solutions ensure that the communication and marketing demand of businesses are achieved. SMShopWorld’s secured platform is backed by a communication legacy of over three decades and a team of exceptional professionals.

Use Cases of OTP Generator

Payment Authentication
Add an extra layer of security with OTPs in financial transactions
Two Factor Authentication
Secured authentication without causing any trouble to users
Resetting Password
An OTP can be sent to users to verify them before allowing password resets
Login without Password
Mandatory OTP login instead of a single password for online accounts
Reactivating Accounts
Verify user identity through an OTP when reactivating accounts
Prevent Spamming
Authenticating users through OTPs can help prevent fake signups

How it Works

Customer hits a dedicated button to generate OTP
SMShop OTP SMS Solution fetches the OTP and sends it in an SMS to the registered email ID
On entering the correct OTP, the user is verified and given access to the account

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